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This is about keeping it simple.

This is about getting you feeling like you.


Life is so much better when you learn how to understand and manage your emotions. This is the foundation needed for you to feel better in every other area of your life.

Manny has a passion for helping men understand and manage their emotions. Particularly because he understands how difficult this is for men. Manny has invested time and resources for him to understand how to do this in his own life. Manny has helped thousands of people gain he skills necessary for increased emotional awareness and emotional intelligence. He is Level 1 Trained in Emotional-Focused Therapy, an evidence-based therapy model that has proven to be effective in therapeutic treatment settings.

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Family & Relationships

Every relationship takes work. Conflicts are unavoidable in relationships. Conflicts are best handled when confronted, not avoided. Conflicts are a result of underlying patterns of interactions that have become ineffective, and lead to no resolution. These problematic patterns are difficult to see to the untrained eye. Manny is trained in helping couples and families find the solutions and tools that work for their unique situation.

Manny has helped thousands of couples and families learn healthy relationship and communication skills and create stronger relational bonds.

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Teens are entering a crucial life transition. They require assistance in navigating these years. They can either get that assistance through untrained influences in their lives or they can work with professional to help them learn about their emotional development and gain skills to understand their feelings better.

Manny helps teens learn to navigate their feelings, and helps them identify healthy support systems when faced with difficult challenges. Teens become more resilient and better equipped to handle life when they learn these skills.

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Groups, Workshops & Resources

If you don’t see a service you’re looking for or are unsure about what is the right fit for you, reach out about available groups or workshops that may be better suited to your needs!


Coaching is available for people who are looking for assistance in their personal or professional development. Manny can help you to develop a plan and strategy for life using SMART goals, cognitive, behavioral and strength-based strategies to help you shatter the goals you’ve been trying to achieve!