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Individual Therapy

You deserve something better. You deserve meaningful relationships. You deserve to live a fulfilling life. Let us guide you through a transformational journey of healing and growth so you can show up abundantly for the things you find important in life.

We specialize in helping people develop emotional awareness, resilience, and intelligence using Emotion-Focused Therapy, an evidence-based treatment model proven to get results. This is foundational for you to heal from the emotional burdens holding you back from thriving.

Whether you are feeling insecure, like you’re not enough, or overwhelmed with your emotions. We would love to talk about how our approach can help you.

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Family & Relationships

Conflicts are unavoidable in relationships. Conflicts are best handled when confronted, not avoided. Conflicts are a result of underlying patterns of interactions that have become ineffective, and lead to no resolution. These problematic patterns are difficult to see to the untrained eye. We are trained in helping couples and families feel emotionally closer, more connected, and attuned.

Emotion-Focused Therapy for relationship has shown to be effective in improving communication, problem-solving skills and creating stronger emotional bonds.

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Teens are entering a crucial life transition into independence and autonomy. They require assistance in navigating these years. They can either get that assistance through untrained influences in their lives or they can work with professional to help them learn about their emotional development and gain skills to understand their feelings better.

We help teens learn to navigate their feelings, and helps them identify healthy support systems when faced with difficult challenges. Teens become more resilient and better equipped to handle life when they learn these skills.

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