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Looking for a therapist in San Clemente?

Why Therapy?

If you twisted your ankle or broke your arm, you’d make an appointment with a professional, right?

The professional would check out what’s going on and create an evidence-based plan with a practical timeline and solution in mind.

Well, the same goes for your relationships.

There are solutions that can be implemented to help you build a better relationship with your loved ones!

Life just feels different when your relationships are thriving!

Our Services

Mr. Therapist is a therapy practice owned and operated by Manny Romero, LMFT. We offer online and in-person therapy for the residents of California. We also offer relationship coaching worldwide!

Our mission is to help equip people with the skills and resources they need achieve a life of fulfillment and happiness. We do this by helping our clients build healthy relationships around them so they can cultivate a culture of support, love, and connection. We believe this is key for people to thrive in their life journey!

Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions available for adults or children via tele-health or in-person appointments with Licensed Therapist, Manny Romero

Couples Therapy

Counseling sessions available via tele-health or in-person appointments with Licensed Therapist, Manny Romero


Consulting and Mentorship services are offered by Licensed Therapist, Manny Romero

Tools & Resources

Content available for you at anytime. Follow us: IG @mrtherapist_mft


Need assistance in your personal or professional development? Develop a strategy to help you shatter your goals with Manny!

Workshops & Groups

Specialized workshops and group therapy sessions for education on a wide range of mental health and personal development topics.

Therapy tailored to your needs…

Manny is not just another therapist…

Here, things are done differently.

Manny’s main focus is helping clients get and feel RESULTS in therapy. Research shows that clients who develop a strong therapeutic bond with their therapist are more likely to achieve success in therapy. Manny focuses on establishing a RELATIONSHIP that fosters growth and development. Manny believes his RESPONSIBILITY as your therapist is to be honest with you, and to dedicate time outside of sessions via research and continuous education, to help you build a great relationship with your loved ones.

The answer to your problems could be one call away!

Mr. Therapist is a therapy practice operated by licensed therapist Manny Romero. But Manny is unlike any other therapist. He is dedicated to helping his clients using evidence-based interventions that have been proven effective in a therapeutic environment.

We are not only a private practice. We are a brand changing the game for therapy. We want people to know they can have great relationships. We care about YOU building great relationships, so you can have the tools to live the life you want to live!

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

– Viktor Frankl