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Why Us?

Our mission is to empower people to become more emotionally aware, resilient, and capable of handling life’s challenges with confidence and courage. We specialize in guiding individuals on a transformative healing journey. We firmly believe that emotional well-being is the cornerstone of a fulfilling and joyful life. That is why we use Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), an evidence-based approach to empower individuals to embrace their emotions and use them as power tools for healing.

Our Services

Mr. Therapist is a therapy practice owned and operated by Manny Romero, LMFT. We offer online and in-person therapy for the residents of California. We also offer relationship coaching worldwide!

Our mission is to help equip people with the skills and resources they need achieve a life of fulfillment and happiness. We do this by helping our clients build healthy relationships around them so they can cultivate a culture of support, love, and connection. We believe this is key for people to thrive in their life journey!

Individual Therapy

Therapy sessions available for adults or adolescents via tele-health or in-person appointments with one of our therapists.

Couples Therapy

Counseling sessions available via tele-health or in-person appointments with one of our therapists.

Therapy tailored to your needs…

Manny is not just another therapist…

Here, things are done differently.

We want you to feel results! Our approach is built on the belief that emotions are not weaknesses that need to be suppressed, but potent signals that can lead us towards growth and healing. Through this unique therapeutic journey, we help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotional needs, and the patterns that might be hindering your progress. We have an outcome-driven approach.

The answer to your problems could be one call away!

We are a therapy practice dedicated to helping our clients using Emotion-Focused Therapy, an evidence-based treatment model with proven results. We want you to FEEL results so that you can experience freedom from the emotional burdens you carry and get back to living the life you want to live.

Take that crucial step towards transforming your life—reach out today and let us be your partner in this journey of healing and growth. Your Path to peace of mind begins with one call.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

– Viktor Frankl