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Meet Our Therapists

Mr. Therapist is a therapy practice offering services to the community of Orange County, California. We are leading the charge to empower people to heal and grow so they can reach their true potential one step at a time.

Our Core Values

Evidence-based treatment

We care about you feeling results. We utilize effective and proven strategies to guide you in a transformational journey.

Growth-Based Model

We believe everyone has the potential to grow. We are dedicated to creating a safe environment that nurtures our clients growth process.

Client-Centered Approach

We tailor our approach to meet your unique needs. We understand we are the professionals when it comes to therapy, but You are the expert of your life. Together we engage in a collaborative process to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.

Therapists who truly care.

Our therapists care about our clients. We believe in our clients. We invest in our relationships with our clients because we know that the client-therapist relationship is what moves the needle in therapy.

Meet Manny

Manny is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He obtained his master’s degree from Chapman University and has been licensed since 2019. Manny is passionate about helping professionals feel confident and show up abundantly for their business and their family. Manny also loves helping couples feel more connected in their relationships.

Meet Ali

Ali is an associate marriage and family therapist. She obtained her masters degree from _____. Ali is working towards obtaining her licensure and is supervised by Manny Romero, LMFT. Ali has extensive experience working with teens, parents, and adults. Ali enjoys helping who struggle with loneliness, hopelessness, and worry find more freedom and peace of mind.



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