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General FAQs

What is Mr. Therapist?

Mr. Therapist is a private practice focused on helping men. Mr Therapist is operated by licensed therapist Manny Romero.

Mr. Therapist is also a resource. Mr. Therapist can provide referrals for you based on what you need.

Mr. Therapist is a brand of therapy with a mission to change the game of therapy. Mr. Therapist wants to raise the standards of mental health services so that men are more willing and able to access help!

How does Mr. Therapist work?

The goal of Mr. Therapist is to help you gain skills to cope with life and relationship stressors. Taking care of your mental health is vital to your well-being and we help you develop an evidence-based and solution-focused plan that works for you. Everyone and every brain is different so finding what works for you is important! This is the place to figure that out. Whether it’s talking with a licensed therapist via Tele-health appointments or finding someone (or maybe a group) to meet with in person—or perhaps you’re not ready for therapy but want to start somewhere, we have resources for you— Mr. Therapist is tailored to accommodate YOU.

What is tele-health? Is it effective?

Telehealth is the virtual way to have your appointments online via video or phone call. It has shown to be effective for individuals who are ready, this is supported by empirical research!

Although there is no research to support that tele-therapy works for couples/families or group therapy. Our field believes that this is because Telehealth has not been studied sufficiently in these modalities. As Telehealth becomes more popular, we expect to see that research will support Telehealth as an effective treatment model for all modalities!

Therapy FAQs

Should I seek therapy? Is it right for me?

If you are asking yourself this question, I would say yes. I am a believer that anyone can benefit from therapy, however I also believe that not everyone is always ready for therapy. Therapy tends to benefit those who want to take action in helping themselves- this usually takes some work. If you feel like you are unhappy with your current situation and want to find some answers for yourself, then therapy will most likely benefit you. We make this easier for you by offering a free initial session to new clients. Give us a call and find out if therapy is right for you!

What is therapy like?

Therapy is talking with a therapist- an expert on mental health whose goal is to help you by giving you the tools you need to feel emotionally better in your every day life. Your therapist might give you things to work on outside of your sessions in addition to your conversations during your appointments.

Therapy can vary depending on your needs and goals. The first session will be primarily to discuss what therapy will look like for you. We assess your biggest areas of concern and create a treatment plan that will define your therapeutic goals and how we will get there.

How can therapy help me?

Therapy helps you get through difficult times in your life by helping you feel less alone, find solutions to the challenges you face through coping, become more educated on solutions for your problem, and helping you try new things.

First and foremost therapy removes any sense of isolation as you are talking with someone who can understand you and be with you—no matter what you are facing. Then you’ll learn evidence-based practices, coping skills and techniques to help you with the situation you are facing.

Is anything ‘off limits’ in therapy?

Nothing is off limits in therapy. It’s the place to speak without feeling judgement. Some therapists will have different levels of comfort talking about certain topics and yours will tell you if they are not able to discuss anything with you.

Therapists are mandated reporters, meaning that if they hear about the following things they may need to report them to the appropriate agency or law enforcement. These things include physical or sexual abuse of a minor or physical, financial or emotional abuse of an elder. In the state of California there are other limitations to confidentiality. Talk to your therapist or click below to learn more

How often and how long do I need to have appointments? I’ve heard it’s expensive!

It depends on you! I prefer that clients commit to weekly sessions because I’ve found they reach their goals in 3-6 months while clients who are more sporadic in their attendance can last longer than necessary in therapy. Most of my clients agree that they don’t want to be in therapy “forever” so this approach works in getting you to your goals faster and teaching you life-long skills that will work for other problems you encounter in the future.

The length of sessions varies. Typically sessions are 50 minutes but 90 minute sessions can be more appropriate for certain situations. You can find out more after your initial assessment.

There are ways to make therapy affordable. Your health is a priority so don’t hesitate to reach out to find out your options. Different therapists have different price ranges and your location can affect prices as well. Ask if your therapist offers a sliding scale or pro-bono to help reduce your out of pocket cost. Insurance, community counseling clinics and pre-licensed therapists can make therapy more affordable as well. Mr. Therapist can provide you with resources if you need more affordable options. Give us a call!

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

Therapy is done by a licensed professional who has training in therapy. A therapist must have at least a master’s level of education. Therapy focuses on helping people who struggle with life-stressors, relationship issues, mental illnesses and traumas. A therapist will teach you how to cope with these challenges by giving you tools to help you heal and learn to cope with emotional and cognitive stressors. Therapy explores people’s past to help them feel better in the present.

A coach is someone who will help you achieve your goals. A coach is more about helping you to challenge yourself, to help you get to that next step in life. There are credentials out there that can certify certain people however anyone can claim to be a coach without a specific education. A coach will help identify where you are now and will focus on getting you somewhere specific in the future based off their own knowledge, education, and life experiences.