Is EFT right for me?

Emotion-Focused Thearpy is an evidence-based treatment model that has been shown to be effective in helping people overcome their emotional and relationship challenges.

Are you wanting to understand yourself better? Are you wanting to understand how to manage your emotions better? Are you wanting to process your emotions effectively so you can stop feeling stuck? Are you wanting to feel more connected, in control, and at peace?

If so, EFT is a good model for you.

Will therapy work for me?

That depends on a few things.

Therapy works best when you and your therapsit can build a good, trusting relationship with each other.

Therapy works best when you can feel safe enough to explore your thougths, and emotions authentically.

Therapy works best when you feel ready to talk.

We like to talk to you via video consult before you start therapy so we can get a sense of which one of our therapists will work well with you based on your needs and preferences.

We also like to have ongoing discussions throughout the therapy process about how therapy is going. You should FEEL progress in therapy as you are going through it. If you don’t, you and your therapist will have an opportunity to catch it early and come up with a plan to change things up or explore alternative options for you.


Our pricing varies. To give you a better estimate of what you’ll be paying we would want to get to know your situation better to understand the best treatment plan for you.

When you schedule your consultation call, ask us about our membership pricing plan to see if we can help you save some money on your therapy.

Is telehealth effective?

Telehealth has been proven to be an effective form of therapy for some people. It really depends on your unique situation and your preferences.

During the consultation call, your therapist will make sure to inform you if in-person therapy is recommended as opposed to telehealth. Generally speaking, both options work for most people.