Meet Mr. Therapist

Mr. Therapist is a therapy and coaching practice offering services to the community of Orange County, California. We are leading the charge to eliminating the stigmas associated with mental health and pushing to elevate the quality of services offered to the public.

Owned and operated by Manny Romero- licensed therapist and life coach driven by his own experiences to help others struggling in their own lives.

My Story

I decided to become a therapist when I was in college. I felt an admiration for psychiatrist and psychologists who could help people feel confident about themselves and help people overcome the obstacles that have been getting in their way for most of their lives. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was having a lot of difficulties in my own life with feeling unworthy, finding it hard to be accepted by others, and feeling alone, I felt that if I could have “the answers” to help others maybe I could also help myself along the way. As you probably know, things don’t workout that way… Becoming a therapist however took me through a transformative personal growth and development journey that inspired me to make it my personal mission to help others!

I earned my degree in marriage and family therapy in 2017 from Chapman University. I trained under amazing mental health professionals who have contributed to the field of marriage and family therapy and continue to further our research so we can deliver the best therapeutic services to our community. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best companies in Orange County, CA to address the mental health crisis— including Hoag Hospital, Irvine Unified School District, Teladoc, and Lyra Health. This truly is a personal passion of mine…

The mission of Mr. Therapist is to provide therapy that gets clients RESULTS, building success through the therapist-client RELATIONSHIP and taking RESPONSIBILITY as your therapist to do what is right by you and the goals you have. This is personal to me because I know how challenging it can be to find your way when you are feeling lost…

Before I started working on myself, I felt alone, incapable, and inadequate. My life felt like it had no direction and I like I had no one. Even though I had a partner, family, and friendships—I felt completely alone. Even though I smiled, laughed, and looked happy—I felt unhappy and not enough inside…

For so many years I was convinced that I was the issue. I was convinced that some people lived good lives and others just had to find a way to get by. I knew there had to be a better way but it felt like I had no idea how to get there…

I tried therapy, talking to friends, and reading self-help books but it didn’t feel effective. I felt that I was the problem. Eventually I found a therapist who I clicked with and who helped me realize that the problem was not actually me but they were the strategies I was using to deal with my personal issues. The strategies I was using were simply ineffective. I needed to update my toolbox so I can more effectively deal with my deep felt loneliness, insecurities, emptiness

Starting therapy was not easy for me. I had many excuses not to go see a therapist. I told myself things like “I can handle my problems on my own” and “My issues are not bad enough for therapy.” I wish I could tell you that when I finally made the choice to talk to someone it changed my life. But it didn’t… Therapy was awkward at first. I had to get used to the idea of letting someone into my life so they could help me. It took several months for me to open up fully and really commit to therapy. Looking back, therapy was a game-changer for me. It was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.

As a client, I’ve had experiences with good therapy and bad therapy. I know how important it is to have a good therapist-client relationship and the impact that consistently showing up to therapy has on people getting results.

My #1 goal is our work together is to help you get results. I am committed to delivering quality therapy to my clients. My overall approach is outcome-driven, and goal-oriented. I understand that for therapy to be effective the therapist and client relationship must be solid! Which is why I work through a model of therapy that focuses on building a strong relationship with my clients. I want to develop a relationship with you that is empathic, respectful, transparent, and collaborative. 

In addition to this I take full responsibility for putting you in the best place to succeed in therapy. That is why I commit countless hours outside of our sessions on continuous education and training so I can be ready to help you effectively address your unique problem. I want to do my part in helping you because I know how difficult it is to ask for help and I don’t want you to delay your healing and growth longer than you need to!

Ali Breslin

You deserve to feel confident in your life and in your relationships.

You capable of living a more fulfilling life!

Are you ready?