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4 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships are difficult. Just do a quick google search on building healthy relationships and you will find millions of articles, blogs, books on this very subject. Despite all the literature and content that can be found on how to build healthier relationships—it is still one of those things that is hard for most of us […]

5 tools for improving communication with your partner

Are you feeling unhappy in your relationship with your partner? Are you wondering if the relationship will ever get back to how it used to be? Is the word “divorce” or are thoughts of separation coming up?    Usually unhappiness in relationships come from unhealthy patterns of communication. Check out this blog post if you want to […]

Why You Should Treat Your Relationship Like A Business

In the era of modern business, most of us have become attuned to the notion that our sales tactics need to be less transactional for us to consistently attract qualified customers. No longer can we make everything about how much we get out of a deal. Instead, it must be about how much we can […]

New Year, New Me…

It’s that time of the year again. People are taking down their Christmas lights, investing in a decent planner, and envisioning the changes they want to create in their lives. This year has been a particularly different type of new year. We are ending an unexpectedly difficult 2020 and hoping to embrace a much kinder […]

What I Learned From Having a Morning Routine

I wanted to write about the power of routines because I truly believe in the power they have to help people feel in control, have more confidence, and feel like their days have more of a purpose.    I was first introduced to the idea of creating a routine for my days when I found Michael […]

5 Tips For New Fathers

February will be my daughter’s 2nd birthday. It will mark 2 years of fatherhood under my belt. I’ve been continuously thinking about these last 2 years and how much this experience has shaped me. I’m happy to say that for the most part, fatherhood has given me opportunities to grow and learn more about myself and […]

You Don’t Need to Learn to Cope!

Learning to effectively cope with situations that are out of our control is an important skillset to have. It is evident now more than ever as we go through the COVID-19 crises and political divide how much of an impact external matters can have on our mental health. Increasingly more people are experiencing mental health […]

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